Make no-bake eclair cake in a few simple steps

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Eclairs are not only nearly impossible to make if you're not a pastry chef, they can also be very expensive at the bakery, or even in the grocery store. In the recipe below, you'll use just a handful of common ingredients and they can all be brought together in just a couple of minutes. This one's great for the kids, as there's no chopping with sharp knives or even getting anywhere near the oven. Just give them a bowl and a whisk, and watch your little chefs at work.
To put my own twist on it (and because we're chocolate lovers in this house!) I used chocolate instant pudding to make the mousse. If you prefer to keep your Eclair Cake more traditional, just swap that out for vanilla pudding mix and you'll get the full taste of a traditional eclair, but there will be plenty to go around!
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No Bake Eclair
10 minutes
4 hours
4 hours, 10 minutes
1 8-ounce package of graham crackers (the kind with four squares to a cracker)
2 113-gram packages of chocolate instant pudding
8 ounces Cool Whip
3 cups milk
1 16-ounce jar of chocolate frosting
Place parchment paper in a 9" x 13" casserole dish. Place graham crackers along the bottom of the dish so they are almost touching and the entire bottom is covered.
Place the pudding mix, the Cool Whip, and the milk into a large bowl. Whisk everything together.
Pour half of this mixture over top of the graham crackers. Smooth it out and place more graham crackers on top. Pour the remaining half of the pudding mixture over these graham crackers and then top with more graham crackers. Scoop the chocolate frosting onto these graham crackers and smooth it out.
Cover with parchment paper and place in the fridge for 4 hours to set before slicing and serving.
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