How to make apple upside down cake

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While it's always nice to eat out at a restaurant and avoid time spent in the kitchen, there's something incredibly gratifying about cooking for yourself and watching your hard work pay off. For many chefs and bakers, following along with a new recipe makes for an exciting afternoon/evening - and may lead to a new staple dish in your home. Thanks to YouTube, you can find a video recipe for just about anything these days.
If you've been yearning to try out a new dessert but haven't found anything appealing, we may have found that dish for you. This dessert comes courtesy of Home Cooking Adventure and shouldn't require a multitude of complex ingredients. The star of the show is here the ever-versatile apple. 
To get things started, peel, core, and slice the apples.
In a cake dish, layer the apple slices over a butter-sugar mixture.
Continue to add apple slices until the bottom of the dish disappears. Then add the chunks of butter and stick your dish in the oven.
Once it's out, pour the cake mix over the apple slices.
Stick it back in the oven and bake for about half an hour. Let it cool, flip it upside down and serve.
Check out the full video recipe for this decadent apple upside down cake below.
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