How to make one-pot honey garlic chicken in a slow cooker (video)

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Looking for a meal that will leave the in-laws or houseguests thinking you spent all day in the kitchen? Try this tasty slow cooker honey garlic chicken recipe — it only takes a few minutes to prepare and even less time to clean up since it's all in one pot! 
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1. Courtney's one-pot honey garlic chicken. Another appetizing version of this classic one-pot meal. Watch Courtney make it in the video below. The outcome is divine!
2. Creamy mushroom chicken and rice. Begin with chicken thighs and go from there. The following video recipe transforms plain chicken with using 3 simple spices! Watch and see:
3. Chicken rice casserole. To get the most flavor, we brown the thighs in the recipe below. Just wait until you see the finished dish:
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This slow cooker recipe features just a few key ingredients, yet it produces an incredibly moist, well-seasoned chicken and potato dish.
September 18   ·  
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This meal is summer favorite that won't leave you standing over a hot grill. Simply prepare the chicken that morning, or even the night before, and come home to a...
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