3 ingredient slow cooker chocolate lava cake is rich, chocolatey goodness

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Typically slow cookers are used to cook hearty stews or help tenderize large cuts of meat. Though it may be hard to believe, your slow cooker is actually more versatile than you'd think. In fact, your slow cooker can craft some of the most delicious and moist chocolate cake you'll ever have.
Here Jack Scalfani shares an absolutely divine chocolate lava cake recipe that's not only incredibly easy but takes only three ingredients! Using chocolate cake mix, chocolate pudding mix and some chocolate chips, you can craft a cake that people will think came from world-class bakery.
Begin by making your chocolate cake batter. You can use a store-bought Devil's Food cake mix like the Duncan Hines brand Jack used here or you can use another cake mix you'd prefer instead. Regardless of what you choose, pour the mixture into your plastic lined slow cooker. 
Next you'll pour your chocolate pudding mix over the cake batter. Again, you can use a pre-made mix, make your own or even substitute a different type of pudding mix instead. (However, this creates the best result for the chocolate lava cake)
Lastly, you'll add a generous helping of chocolate chips on top and then cook the mix on high for about three hours. 
Once it's done, Jack suggests using the tried and true method of dipping a toothpick into the cake to make sure it's done. "If it comes out moist and crumbly on the toothpick, it's done" he said. 
Once it's ready scoop yourself a generous portion and enjoy hot with little bit of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream! 
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