Slow cooker pork roast recipe practically falls apart

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Cooking two whole pounds of pork roast, let alone any gigantic cut of meat can be intimidating. It's easy to overcook or burn an amount of meat that large, however, sometimes all you need is one trusty tool to get the job done. In this instance, the slow cooker does all the work and leaves you with tender and juicy pork that pulls apart with ease. 
In this awesome recipe from Paleo Grubs, a simple spice rub and a generous drizzle of honey is all this pork roast needs for seasoning while the slow cooker breaks the meat down until its tender and pulls apart with ease.
Begin by placing your 2 pound roast directly into your slow cooker. 
You'll then coat the entire roast in salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, onions and honey. 
Let the whole thing cook for about eight hours and your should have a tender, juicy roast that's ready to eat. 
Pull the roast apart with a pair of forks and they should be ready to serve! 
Serve them over some rice or in lettuce cups with some guacamole like Paleo Grubs did here! 
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