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People who don't like cinnamon love cinnamon rolls.  People who can't get excited about pastries will cross entire cities to get their hands on a freshly baked one.  With those entirely unscientific facts neatly in place, let's get started on this awesome recipe.  It's not only easy, it's a real pleasure to make; using your hands, fashioning the rolls and letting those warm, spicy aromas fill your home.  
Although great for either, cinnamon rolls are not just for Christmas or breakfast. They make weekend brunch really special and are ideal to follow a light lunch or supper.
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Cinnamon rolls
1 hour 45 minutes
2 hours 5 minutes
1 can ready-made croissant dough
1 tablespoon cinnamon
½ cup sugar
For frosting:
¼ cup cream cheese
⅔ cup powdered sugar
2 tablespoons milk
In bowl, mix together cinnamon and sugar.
Gently roll out croissant dough. Do not separate at the seams. Pinch the precut seams together to close. Sprinkle generously with cinnamon/sugar mixture.
Carefully roll each section. Cut each log into 4 pieces. Place in a greased 6-quart slow cooker. For a traditional cinnamon roll, face spiral up. For a french pain au chocolat shape, place with spirals to the side and seam side down.
Layer the top of the slow cooker with a few paper towels to soak up any excess moisture. Cook on high for 1 hour 45 minutes.
Meanwhile, whisk together cream cheese, powdered sugar, and milk to make frosting.
Smother the tops of cinnamon rolls with icing while still warm in slow cooker. Or if you prefer, remove rolls first and top them with icing.
Tip: Try adding in chocolate chips and cooking seam side down for a pain au chocolat with a cinnamon twist!
Feel free to add raisins, crystallized orange peel or ginger, or maybe a few chopped pecans or walnuts to the cinnamon filling.  Go to the trouble of brewing some freshly ground coffee, grab the papers and kick off your shoes for an hour or so to enjoy one or two of these awesome fresh cinnamon buns. If that's not possible, then rest assured that they taste just as good racing to work on a Monday morning.  In fact, they probably make it almost bearable!  
Note: All slow cookers are a little bit different in temperature and calibration. This recipe was tested in Cooktop Cove's Test Kitchen using this slow cooker, which is available for purchase here.
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