How to get greasy film off kitchen cabinets and appliances

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Anyone who does a lot of home cooking is familiar with this problem: a greasy film on appliances and cabinets near the stove. While the greasy buildup seems unavoidable, the elbow grease to clean it up is not.
Teresa Ward partnered with eHow in the video below to give us this easy tip for cleaning up grease — even off wood cabinet doors. When you hear it, the answer seems so simple: Oil to penetrate oil! She recommends a dab of mineral or vegetable oil on a paper towel to simply wipe away the grease.
What if you just moved into a home where previous tenants left a greasy mess? The Kitchn road tested four popular kitchen cleaners. The final verdict: Murphy Oil Soap. Using the same "oil to penetrate oil" approach, this century-old cleaner left cabinets clean and "silky" without the hard scrubbing. 
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