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This firecracker chicken pasta is going to be your next obsession. It's everything you love about buffalo chicken with the creamy, carb-filled goodness of pasta. Best yet, this dish is super easy to whip up thanks to the help of your slow cooker. Prep takes a few minutes, and you can sit back and relax the rest of the day while your house fills up with the spicy aroma.
The ingredients are also simple pantry basics, so this meal is a great recipe to fall back on for those nights when you just don't know what to cook up. Slow Cooker Gourmet, who created the recipe, even whipped it up on vacation.
Getting started:
1. Take your chicken and plop it in the slow cooker.
2. Whisk together broth, hot sauce, tomato sauce, sugar, seasonings and corn starch mixture together.
3. Pour your mixture over the chicken and cover and cook on low for 6-8 or on high for 3-4.
4. After the cook time has passed, and everything is all cooked and mixed together, turn your slow cooker to high heat. 
5. Add cream and noodles (break up if needed) and stir and press noodles to submerge in liquid as much as possible, stirring a few times while cooking - should take about 45 minutes.
This pasta is creamy, spicy, and rich - so we suggest pairing it with a cool crunchy salad with blue cheese. Chop up some romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrot, and green peppers with a nice creamy and cool blue cheese. Enjoy!
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