How to properly store potatoes and keep them from sprouting

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The humble potato is always reliable. While other vegetables come and go, riding the waves of foodie trends (we're looking at you kale), a hearty potato will never do you wrong. Filling, delicious, and full of nutrients - the potato is timeless.
So what's the best way to keep your potatoes fresh and sprout free? Read on to learn some of our favorite tips. You may be surprised to find out you've been storing your potatoes all wrong.
1. Potatoes should be stored in a cool dark place.
If you're putting your potatoes in the refrigerator crisper drawer with the rest of your veggies, you're doing it wrong. According to The Kitchn, potatoes should be in cool, dark environments, but only 45 to 50-degrees Fahrenheit. You do want to avoid humidity, however.
2. Cure the Potatoes Before Storing
Grow a Good Life says that curing toughens up the potatoes skin and extends the storage life. Spreading potatoes out in shallow trays lined with newspaper. Cover the trays with a dark towel and let them cure for several weeks.
3. Store potatoes with dried herbs
According to Alt Health Works, Studies have shown that herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and sage, contain oils which help prevent rot and decay in potatoes. Try adding herbs to a cotton muslin drawstring bag and storing it with your potatoes.
4. Don't wash potatoes before storing them
Potatoes store longest if they are unwashed. Cedar Circle Farm instructs after harvesting potatoes from the garden or buying them at the store, simply brush off excess dirt before you pack them.
5. Try storing an apple with your potatoes
Alt Health Works explains that there is some conflicting information about whether placing an apple in a bag of potatoes can prevent them from sprouting early. This tip has been around since a study conducted in the 1930s, but ripening apples give off ethylene gas – a compound that a more recent study suggests would hasten sprouting.
Creek Line House experimented with this tip and had success. Such a simple trick is worth a try!
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