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Watermelon is quite possibly the tastiest fruit to enjoy during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, getting to that juicy fruit can be a bit of a hassle. Most everyone has their own method for cutting away the rind to get to the red, tasty goodness, but these two pros take watermelon cutting to an entirely different level.
In the first method, originally demonstrated by Jennifer Jenner, you'll make easy work of a watermelon with a cutting board, knife and large bowl.
First, you'll cut the watermelon in half (short-ways). Next flip one-half of the cut watermelon over, so the rind is facing up. Using a sharp knife to peel the rind away, leaving the watermelon (and some white) behind.
Cut your watermelon in slices short-ways, turn the cutting board and repeat your cuts. To get the watermelon into the bowl, place a bowl over the top of your watermelon, flip the board and ... presto! You'll end up with strips instead of slices, but you'll also have less mess!
Watch below to see exactly how it's done.
This second method takes a bit more skill. James Igani, a self-proclaimed watermelon ninja, makes slicing watermelon an art. You'll need a very sharp knife and steady hands to take on this method.
First: Cut the watermelon in half longways. Then, make slices through the rind, along each half (making circles of watermelon). For easier cuts, go halfway through on one side, rotate and do the same on the other side. Don't separate your slices.
Finally, run your knife around the inside edge to separate the melon from the rind, cut squares through the fruit and dump it into a bowl. ​
If you've been buying seedless watermelons, you may want to think again. Healthline reports that eating the seeds actually offers a few health benefits. So quit spitting them out. No matter what your mother might have told you, you won't grow a watermelon in your tummy, but you will get a healthy dose of iron and magnesium.
Resources Healthline and Jennifer Jenner
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