How to make creamy bacon ranch chicken (video)

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We have a delicious dilemma for you. How will you eat this creamy, fabulous chicken? We've prepared a recipe for a ranch chicken with bacon and cheese that makes a great sandwich. But why stop there? The following recipe is for you.
Recommended Recipes
1. Creamier slow cooker bacon ranch chicken. The cream cheese in this recipe adds a super richness, but rather than tell you about it, let me show you with the video below:
2. Italian chicken with cream cheese. The following video recipe is a classic example of low maintenance/high reward cooking.
3. Chicken with taquitos made with cream cheese. The following recipe has just enough of a kick to tickle your taste buds. See for yourself in the video below.
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One of my favorite dishes to order at Chinese restaurants is orange chicken. It's tangy, sweet, and it's always delicious. Unfortunately, I never...
January 14   ·  
It's incredibly easy to put together, and the sweet and salty aromatic flavors will win over the fussiest eaters!
January 11   ·  
Opening the door after a long day at work to be enveloped by the timeless aroma of chicken and dumplings, is like manna from Heaven.
January 10   ·