How to make your oven sparkle the natural way using just 3 ingredients

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Cleaning the oven is one of the most detested household chores. And let's face it, you probably don't clean your oven nearly as often as you should. (According to Good Housekeeping, oven cleaning should be performed monthly.) But with this tip from MAMA Approved, we promise cleaning the oven will be almost as enjoyable as using the oven to bake a cake.
Begin by mixing 1 cup baking soda in 1/3 cup water. Remove the grates, and using a sponge, rub the mixture into the surface of the oven. When you come across stickier spots, use a spatula or butter knife to scrape off the hard granules. (Watch the video for the rest of the directions. You will be amazed by how sparkling clean her oven is afterward.)
If you find your oven is so totally caked with grease, take the advice of The Nourished Life and use stainless steel scouring pads or a small stainless steel scrubbing brush to dislodge every stubborn bit of burn.
But you may be wondering, why would I use this home remedy instead of one those heavy-duty oven cleaners from the drugstore? Yum Universe explains that store-bought oven cleaners are some of the most toxic cleaning products available. They contain ammonia and lye, both of which eat your skin. You'll notice in the below video by MAMA Approved that no gloves are necessary for this safe and effective natural cleaning solution.
In contrast, when using store-bought products, you'll want to not only wear gloves but also evacuate your house while the industrial cleaner is doing its work so as to protect yourself from the dangerous fumes, which can destroy your lungs. And as Yum Universe further warns, the fumes do not disappear after the oven has been cleaned. They linger in the home and soak into your food.
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