Rubber grips help you open jars, but did you know they make this cooking task easier too?

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Nothing says homemade Italian cooking like hand smelling like garlic for days. This unfortunate by-product of cleaning and peeling garlic can easily be avoided with use of a rubber jar grip, according to a popular Dave Hax YouTube video.
"I used to just use a knife to cut through the skin and then peel it off with my fingers," Dave says. "This can be a bit fiddly, and it leaves your hands smelling of garlic." The video instead instructs that using a rubber jar opener keeps you from needing to touch the peeled garlic at all.
The Sauver Test Kitchen goes even further with a video showing how to peel an entire head of garlic by first smashing the head and shaking vigorously between two bowls. This proves a great tip if you need multiple cloves for different recipes.
And if peeling isn't your issues, Livestrong provides great tips for garlic use, including proper storage and even how to slice it for producing a milder flavor.
For such a small item, garlic produces enormous flavor. Pass this along to any who love cooking with garlic, but hate the associated hassle and smell from the work.
Resources DaveHax, lifehack, and Livestrong
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