Put eggshells and water in blender for this clever reason

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Even those who love cooking the most find kitchen cleaning dampens their fun and creativity. However, this ThaiTricks video loads up lots of quick cleaning tips, many using ingredients you already have on hand in an everyday kitchen.
Blender blades tend to be one of the hardest areas to clean with kitchen appliances. However, sending a few eggshells for a spin in the blender with water loosens up blade mess in an instant. While this seems similar to the old wives' tale of cleaning a garbage disposal with egg shells, it works on fabulously on blenders, but not on garbage disposals.
"It isn't true that egg shells sharpen the unit's blades," reports Julie Washington for Cleveland.com. "The shells will turn into a sand-like substance that will clog pipes. Many of us have found out the hard way what happens when you put these items in the disposal."
But never fear, there are still more uses for those empty egg shells. According to Reader's Digest, crushing the shells into a paste also creates a great, non-toxic abrasive for cleaning pots and pans.
Pass these tips along to any hard-working cooks in your life.
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