6 great ideas for repurposing old file racks and organizers in the kitchen

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Those old - and not so pretty - file racks used to be stuffed to the brim with your kid's art, office work, and other important papers. But today we've gone digital - leaving these old file racks uselessly sitting on the desk or stuffed in a closet somewhere.
However, several clever homemakers have come up with some handy solutions to repurpose those old file holders. So go ahead and grab them out of the basement or the yard sale box - it's time to start organizing your home!
1. Baking sheets and cutting boards
That heavy, clunky pile of racks, baking sheets, and cutting boards is now just as much a part of the past as those file holders are! Instead, repurpose that old file holder to stack those kitchen essentials straight up in a way that is easy to grab and keep organized.
2. Tupperware lids
Using an old file rack to organize your lids is just genius. No more sifting through the cabinet for the missing plastic lid - or cursing when they all fall out onto the floor. This tip saves you space and keeps you organized.
3. Paper bags
Whether you use your paper bags for recycling, gifts or shopping, keeping them organized is tough. If you put them on a shelf, they get lost in the back, and stuffing them into another bag doesn't quite work either. Reusing your old organizer to keep them lined up in a closet is the simple solution you've been looking for.
4. Freezer organization
No matter how big your fridge, your freezer has looked like the picture on the left at some point or another. Instead of stacking and stuffing, use these old file organizers to separate boxed goods like pizza from the frozen peas.
5. Extra storage
We can't get enough of this tip! Bolting an old file organizer to the door makes it so you can access certain items easily, and handily. Plus, it saves precious space at the bottom of the cabinet.
6. Canned soup dispenser
Another genius tip! This is great for canned goods you use often, and when you're just losing out on space by stacking your cans on top, and next to one another.
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