Get your charging done efficiently with 4 clever repurposed items (including a mail organizer)

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We can all admit we love the look of those sleek, organized phone charging docks. The problem, though, is that these helpful organizers can actually cost a lot more than you're willing to spend. Thankfully, there are some incredible organization-hackers out there who have done all the hard work in figuring out how to make one of these things.
By repurposing everything, from a mail organizer to a picture frame, you can get one of these charging docks for your own home. It not only looks great, but it also ensures you'll remember where you left your phone when you plugged it in - instead of running around the house searching for a charger or free plug.
So, check out the list below and let's get started!
1. Mail organizer by Driven by Décor
Instead of junk mail, fill that organizer up with all your electronics. It's the perfect size and shape for a charging dock - with pre-built organizers to separate your electronics and keep them upright. The only thing you're going to need to do to make this a customized charging port is drill some holes in the bottom for the chords - super easy!
2. Kitchen caddy by Louise at Home
By designating a good spot for charging, you're going to ensure your battery is always juiced up – and that you can find your phone too. We love the use of a basket hung on a rod. This will work perfectly in your entryway or in the kitchen space.
3. Train case by SugarSCOUT
Repurpose that old Samsonite train case for all your electronics charging needs. It's vintage, funky, and totally useful. Plus, all the chords tuck away neatly inside, keeping your desk or foyer looking tidy.
4. Picture frame by The DIY Mommy
If you've got an old picture frame lying around, this is the perfect repurposing craft! If it's not up to your taste, give it a nice new coat of paint, then check out the easy DIY to put this whole thing together. We also love this one because it puts the screens on full display - meaning you can watch your shows or easily read a recipe in the kitchen while charging.
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