From curtains rods to laundry baskets: Clever tips for maximizing your kitchen space

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Whether you've got a tiny galley kitchen or one with seemingly endless countertops, there never seems to be enough space. That's because the problem isn't the space itself, but maximizing it to its fullest potential. Once again, Coupon To Provide is here to save the day - giving those without a big beautiful pantry the tips they need to store everything neatly in their cabinets instead.
It's all about functionality, organization, and maintaining a display so you can find everything simply. Plus, these tips are easy enough for households with kids to implement and keep organized. So, no pantry? No problem! Check out the list of helpful tips and tricks below to get your kitchen in tip-top shape.
Expert Tip: Instead of stacking your cans right on top of one another and side by side, place a curtain rod at the front of the cupboard to allow piling up cans on their side. This means you can take cans out easily, stack them more efficiently, and the rod keeps them from falling out and onto your counter.
Expert Tip: If one of your New Year's resolutions was to cut back on snacks, using an old laundry basket to portion out your snacks is a great way to keep track of what everyone is eating. Simply fill the basket with the snacks you want everyone to choose from, throw away all those boxes, and you're ready to go.
Expert Tip: Don't waste that precious cabinet space stacking and stuffing plates. Get organized and save yourself a major headache by putting a rack in the cupboard so you can stack plates on different levels. The days of rummaging through the cabinet for the plates you need are long gone.
For more tips and some detailed explanations on getting your pantry-less kitchen organized, check out the helpful video below. Don't forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think, either!
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