Stick a chopstick through a bottle cap for this nifty kitchen trick

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Chances are, you have dozens of chopsticks in your kitchen drawers, whether purchased or simply the result of take-out orders. ThaiTrick shows you how to put those hand tools to use as the perfect pair of tongs by using only a plastic bottle cap and a sharp blade.
After only a few steps, you'll be able to easily grasp food cooked at home or eaten on the go. These chopsticks are also the perfect easy-to-pack tool for picnics where grilling is involved.
But chopsticks aren't only great for use as tongs. David Barry details in Fine Cooking how the Asian utensils also assist in making perfect scrambled eggs. "Not only are they gentle on nonstick surfaces, they’re also excellent at breaking the eggs into small curds," writes the culinary instructor.
Fox News reports additional chopstick kitchen uses, including pitting cherries, whisking eggs and leveling off dry ingredients when measuring.
This episode from ThaiTrick, which has already surpassed 660,000 views, also reveals quick tricks for other breakfast favorites, such as soft-boiling eggs and making mess-free pancakes using an empty soda bottle.
Know someone boasting an impressive collection of these disposable Chinese takeout tools but no idea how handy they are? Be sure and pass these useful tips along.
Resources ThaiTrick, Fine Cooking, and Fox News
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