Burn the end of a plastic straw for this genius reason that'll make travel easier

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Straws generally end up on the car floorboard during road trips, but did you realize they can serve as useful containers for travel? ThaiTrick's video features several uses for those common plastic soda sippers that can help you on the road and around the house.
Traveling with large containers of liquids, gels and creams can slow you down in airports and take up room in your bags. However, a lighter quickly makes a straw into a leak-proof packet for carrying small amounts of all sorts of messy liquids and gels without a drop spilled or leaked. Check out the video for full instructions.
In addition to a travel convenience, straws can also become makeshift droppers, drain cleaners and airtight bag seals, according to the video.
Worldwatch Institute reports that Americans alone use more than 500 million straws each day, with most simply going into the landfill. These clever tricks not only keep the straws out of the trash but also give them a new purpose by upcycling.
Know someone with a drawer overflowing with straws? Pass along this treasure chest of ideas to get those straws out of the drawers, keep them from the trash and put them to a number of good uses.
Resources ThaiTrick and WorldWach
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