Man holds plastic bottle over dog bowl to show off this useful, everyday trick

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Keeping water fresh and plentiful is essential for both indoor and outdoor pets. ThaiTricks shows a new tip for upcycling used water or soda bottles to make a self-watering system for your four-legged friends, keeping you from constantly refilling empty bowls.
A little physics is all it takes to keep an inverted water bottle constantly supplying water when the bowl reaches a certain level. By hanging the inverted bottle at different heights, you control how low the bowl is allowed to go before it refills. This allows you to keep bowls from getting too low in supply but not so high that it encourages messy drinking.
But empty bottles go beyond just providing water for your dog or cat. They can help you with garden watering chores as well. Veggie Gardener shows how you can use and empty - and thoroughly cleaned - two-liter bottle to provide deep watering to tomato plants. Using the length of the bottle and a few holes in the cap, you can deliver slowly released water to the plant's roots without overwatering at the plant surface. The method can be used for other vegetables, such as squash, eggplant, and peppers.
Home blogger Rad Megan even suggests glass bottles can be used for a little instant irrigation.
Know friends keeping either their plants or pets a little parched? Help them out with these tips.
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