Place a kitchen cloth under your cutting board for this simple reason

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Even the most enthusiastic chef or home cook finds certain kitchen tasks tedious or annoying. No matter how delicious the result, dealing with slippery cutting boards, fishing eggshells out of food, or peeling bulbs of garlic just isn't fun. Here's how to make your culinary adventures a little less irritating.
Secure cutting board
A slippery cutting board is more than an annoyance; it's a danger. The video below from Milis Cooking demonstrates how to place a kitchen towel or damp paper towel beneath the cutting board to keep it in place. If using a kitchen towel, open it and lay it flat to avoid creating a soft or uneven surface.
Remove eggshell pieces
Ever notice how a piece of eggshell seems to be repelled by your finger when you try to grab it? Reverse that reaction and make the shell come to you by simply wetting your fingertip; the shell is now attracted to your finger by the water! Using the other part of the eggshell also works, but you run the risk of breaking larger piece and ending up with more broken bits -- better to use the wet finger method, advises Tasting Table.
Slice cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes are lovely bite-sized flavor bombs often served whole, but when you want to halve them, don't cut them one at a time -- use lids from plastic containers to slice them all at once! Food52 demonstrates how to arrange the cherry tomatoes on one lid then gently place another of the same size on top of the fruit. When the tomatoes are secured between the lids, cut horizontally to slice each tomato in half at once. A long, sharp serrated-edge knife makes this task quick and mess-free.
Squeeze more juice
Get as much juice as possible from your limes and lemons simply by rubbing them along the countertop before slicing and squeezing. "It's like pre-juicing," says The Kitchn. A vigorous rubbing bursts some of the juice segments inside the fruit even before you begin squeezing!
Peel garlic quickly
No one likes to peel garlic. No one. Yet this despised kitchen task is completed perfectly in less than 10 seconds with this method demonstrated by SAVEUR Magazine, and all it takes are two bowls. Smash the bulb of garlic with the heel of your hand to open it up, then sweep the entire mess into one of the bowls. Invert the other bowl on top of it like a domed lid and, holding the two bowls tightly together, shake vigorously for a few seconds. When you look inside, the garlic cloves will be loose and perfectly peeled!
What are your most despised kitchen tasks, and how do you deal with them? Please SHARE these tips, then comment below!
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