Here's an easy way to peel hard-boiled eggs in just a few seconds

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Hard-boiled eggs seem to be a fast and easy dish with limited clean-up, but peeling eggs in a clean manner sometimes blows that theory. This video from TheBargainHound shows an ingenious and quick way to make multiple cracks in an egg for cleaner peeling.
"Very easy," the narrator explains. "It's so much less time than individually peeling every single egg." The tip using only a jar of water allows for limited cleanup and saves cooks from the frustration of removing shells piece by tiny, fragile piece.
Bon Appetit also suggests using water before you start your peeling process. After boiling your eggs, the magazine suggests letting the eggs cool for 10 minutes and then submerging in ice water. The temperature drop allows for air pockets to form in between the egg white and the shell.
If you're still having trouble with a clean peel – especially for presentable deviled eggs – CommonSenseHome suggest that your eggs may be too fresh. While most grocery store eggs tend to have some aging already, farm-fresh, locally sourced eggs haven't achieved the air pocket expansion of the membranes that accompanies age. If you're boiling fresh eggs, wait a few days.
One last tip about keeping those aging eggs safe? Safebee suggests ignoring those refrigerator door egg containers and placing eggs back in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Frequent opening and closing of the door alter the egg's storage temperature.
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