4 winning pasta casseroles you must try right away

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1. Elbow macaroni casserole with ground beef and tomato sauce
This no-boil pasta casserole requires only 10 minutes of prep time and minimal pantry ingredients, allowing you to whip this up with only a moment's notice. Sumptuous ground beef is cooked down with tomatoes, milk, spices and delicious elbow macaroni to produce a meal that will leave the kids licking their plates!
2. Easy ravioli lasagna casserole
Everybody loves lasagna! Pasta, sauce, meat and cheese come together in one dish to satisfy everyone's hunger, and the smell that fills the kitchen as it bakes has everybody's mouth watering by the time dinner is served. Sometimes, though, with all the craziness of life, getting the time to make lasagna with all its layers of noodles, cheese and sauce is next to impossible. Having the option of making your family's favorite with very little work should place this recipe on your radar.
3. Baked pizza casserole
How do you add a fresh twist to a classic dish that's been around for centuries? Well, when the dish in question is pizza, that's quite a tall order. You can always try out new toppings or use new ingredients for the crust, but for the most part, pizza is still pizza — no matter the constituents. So how do you truly add variation to pizza?
Here's what you do: Combine the best elements of pizza with pasta and bake it in a large dish. In essence, you'll be creating a pizza casserole.
4. Pierogi-inspired lasagna casserole
We know, mixing potatoes and lasagna noodles sounds a little bit weird. However, this delicious casserole turns out to be the perfect encounter of two delectable comfort foods that will please both your family and friends. Guaranteed! They'll fall in love with this Poland-meets-Italy pierogi-inspired lasagna.
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