6 heavenly beef casseroles you just can't get enough of

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Beef casseroles have been a family staple for me growing up. I still remember the aroma's of mom's kitchen when I came home from school. The best part about the casserole meal is that it's very hearty and screams comfort.
Below are 6 heavenly beef casserole recipes that will certainly impress family or guests. With each recipe, there's a video, so follow along and see what we cook up!
1. Beef enchilada casserole
This enchilada casserole offers all the flavors of enchiladas without the tedious effort of rolling them. You can use ready-made enchilada sauce with great results, but you can also make it with the recipe provided if you are feeling adventurous.
The casserole builds on the classic enchilada flavors by adding red bell pepper and corn. Feel free to substitute the beef with ground chicken or two 15-ounce cans of black beans to suit your palate.
2. One-pot cheeseburger casserole
Nothing beats a good cheeseburger! But who wants to take the time to gather all of the ingredients, make homemade patties, grill them up and serve with a variety of sides that require purchasing just for the occasion. Now, with this incredible one-pot cheeseburger casserole, you can get everything that you love out of a cheeseburger with under 10 minutes of preparation!
3. Meatloaf casserole
Meatloaf — the basic dish calls for ground meat (usually beef), eggs and some sort of breadcrumbs. To top it off, a tomato-based sauce is added to the top. Usually, it's some sort of ketchup or barbecue sauce. Despite being delicious, that kind of meatloaf is a little bit outdated, so here's a way of giving it a very different and scrumptious spin.
Full recipe: Meatloaf casserole
4. Hearty beef and potato casserole
When you're feeling particularly hungry and craving something rich and indulgent, nothing quite measures up to a hearty beef and potato casserole. Packed with tenderized beef, punchy garlic, starchy potatoes and a hint of heat, this casserole has everything that you want out of a weekday meal. This dish takes about 10 to 15 minutes to prepare and 60 minutes in the oven, giving you the better part of an hour to sit back, relax and enjoy the fragrant aromas wafting out of the family kitchen.
5. Classic burrito pie casserole
Burrito pie is everything you love about burritos, without all the fussing of assembling them and making sure they're rolled just right so they don't fall apart. In this dish, ground beef is mixed with the perfect taco seasonings, black beans and frozen corn before being piled into a casserole dish with flour tortillas and salsa.
6. Cottage pie casserole
While we have all heard shepherd's pie, many of us may not be quite as familiar with its lesser-known culinary sibling, cottage pie. Cottage pie, in its most basic description, is simply a shepherd's pie that calls for beef instead of ground lamb. This British classic has been warming family bellies for generations, and there's no reason why that should stop anytime soon!
Full recipe: Cottage pie casserole
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