How to make tomato Parmesan pot roast in a slow cooker (video)

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Pot roast — the dish we all know and love. We have it at any time of the year, for any occasion: Christmas dinner, after-work dinner on a Tuesday, birthday party. It's that go-to dish that pleases for any event or nonevent. Needless to say, the recipe below is a keeper, so be sure to save it.
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The shorter cook time lets you throw this dish together for weekend game days get-together or for dinner on those days when the morning just wouldn't cooperate.
April 25   ·  
You'll never get the same texture cooking them in the oven. Slow cooker for the win!
April 23   ·  
It's an easy recipe with a big payoff in terms of flavor and looking pretty darn impressive!
April 23   ·