8 best natural ways to clean carpet

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Getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year is a great way to get rid of dirt, germs and dust build up from your home. But, if you can't find money in the budget to clean the carpets or you need a quick (natural) clean between professional jobs, there are a few tricks you can try on your own.
You can also use some of these natural in a pinch (like when your toddler dumps tropical punch all over the new rug or your new furry pal unleashes his un-housebroken bladder on the carpet...).
Make a homemade carpet cleaner
Follow the video below for this homemade carpet cleaner solution. Spray directly onto stains (don't hold back). Allow the carpet to dry before running a vacuum over the soiled area.
Removing wet stains (h/t Wellness Mama)
For wet stains (particularly urine), skip the vinegar and go straight for the solution below.
Whiten grout
The space between tile floors gets super nasty. Instead of spending hours scrubbing, try the following trick:
Iron it out (h/t Organic Authority)
Yes, you can also use an iron to get out stains. Watch the magic happen in the video below. You may need to repeat the process below a couple of times.
Borax and baking soda
Next time you have a carpet stain, don't fret. Try the borax/baking soda technique below:
Toothbrush and beer (h/t Reader's Digest)
Pour a little of your favorite brew over a stain, and it may just surprise you. Check the process out in the video below.
Ink remover
Bust a pen on your favorite carpet? The following video is here to save you.
Ammonia and water
Combine 1 cup of clear ammonia with 1/2 gallon of warm water. Sponge onto the affected area in the carpet (it's safe for your couches too!) and let it dry.
Gum removal
Do you hate to have stuck gum? No worry, the following trick is here to help.
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