Awesome ways to make healthy frozen yogurt without all the guilt

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Have a sweet tooth for frozen yogurt, but don't want all the cream or extra calories? Well, check out the following video to see different ways of turning this traditional dessert into something vitamin-packed and healthy. Use fruit (fresh or frozen), and use Greek yogurt as a substitute for cream.
The best part about these recipes is that you can mix and match the flavors to your own liking. If you don't like strawberries, try using mango! If you don't like mango, try blueberries.
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An artery-clogging breakfast staple receives a light and healthy makeover.
July 22   ·  
This health-friendly dish is not only low-carb, it also is gluten-free and contains tons of vitamins and fiber. As an added bonus this dish is super easy to prepare.
July 15   ·  
All you need is 6 ingredients including the zucchini!
July 14   ·