8 best tips to clean your windows like the pros

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It's amazing what clean windows can do for a room. Removing water build up and grime from the glass not only makes space feel cleaner, it quite literally brightens up the place! But, getting your windows spot free and streak free can be a pain!
If you're struggling to get those windows as clean as you'd like, struggle no more. We've gathered a few tips to help make your window-washing duties a little easier.
1. Tackle the tough stuff without water
If you really want to get the bugs and tough water stains off of your windows, skip the water. Instead, combine 1 pint of rubbing alcohol with 2 tablespoons of ammonia and 2 tablespoons of liquid soap. Scrub the windows with the mixture and buff away, Queen of Clean recommends.
2. Use an eraser
If you find you have streaks on your glass after cleaning, just grab a clean dry board or chalkboard eraser and wipe the streaks away.
3. Use coffee filters instead of newspaper
While using old newspaper is an effective window cleaner, you're going to end up with ink-stained hands (unless you wear gloves). A simpler solution it to use a clean coffee filter instead.
4. Try RainX
Once the wipers on our car went out while we were driving through a storm so we had to stop and buy RainX just so we could keep driving. The solution provided a protective barrier on the windshield to keep the water from sticking. One blogger discovered that the brand has a 2-in-1 solution that cleans the windows and helps them stay clean for months. Check out Blessed Beyond Crazy for her (non-sponsored) experience.
5. Remove decals with rubbing alcohol
Remove stuck on decals or stickers from your windows by peeling off the sticker with a razor blade and then soaking the glue with rubbing alcohol and wiping it all away.
6. Buy a squeegee
If you want to get your windows really clean, head to the store and purchase a small squeegee. Just remember to wipe the blade with every swipe to avoid streaking.
7. Tackle the window sills with a paint brush
If you're having a hard time cleaning the window sill, grab a foam paintbrush, dip it in rubbing alcohol and wipe the inside of the window frame to pick up dirt and debris. For extra small spaces, try a cotton swab.
8. Clean your screens with a link roller
The screens on our windows (and door) get a bit funky during the summer. To get rid of dust, fur and other ickiness, grab a lint roller and wipe your screen clean.
How do you keep your windows super clean? Make sure to share these tips with your friends and family so they can brighten up their living spaces too!
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