The best trick to clean your dirty dishes

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Aluminum foil is a kitchen staple that makes cleaning up and storing food so much easier. But did you know aluminum foil can also help you get those dishes squeaky clean, unlike any normal sponge?
If you're staring at your kitchen sink wondering how you're going to get that cheesy casserole dish clean, look no further. This method not only will help you keep your dishes clean, but also keep your kitchen sink from getting clogged with leftovers.
1. Dirty dishes
2. Aluminum foil
3. Bowl of water
4. Dish detergent
1. Lay out your materials
Grab some aluminum foil, a bowl of warm water, your favorite dish detergent, and, of course, your dirty dish.
2. Add soap and water
Squirt some of the dish soap onto the tough-to-clean dish or pan. Pour some of the water onto the dish.
3. Foil ball
Pull off a piece of aluminum foil and crumple it into a ball like this.
4. Clean
Simply use the ball of foil as a sort of sponge and begin to scrub off the food residue from the dish. Dump the now dirty water into a separate bowl.
5. Repeat
Repeat the last step until the dish is spotless. Rinse and dry and you are ready to put away for later or get to cooking some more.
Other tips
1. For hardened food or food that stuck badly to the bottom of the dish, allow the soap and water mixture to soak and break up the food.
2. While you might want to attempt this in your kitchen sink, using the bowls will keep you from clogging up your drain and will save you from extra cleaning in the long run.
3. Be careful using the aluminum foil on materials that you would want to remain scratch free. The aluminum foil method is ideal for glass.
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