14 wonderful ways to clean dusty surfaces you wish you knew sooner

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Whether guests are constantly in and out during the summer or the house is closed up for the winter, dust is always a problem. You can vacuum or scrub every surface, but dust is still going to gather. Surely there is a way to effectively clean your dusty surfaces!
In fact, there are several simple tricks to sweeping dust out the door. So instead of calling in professional cleaners, just grab a few items you already have on hand and let's get to work. And, like any good cleaners, we're going to start at the top and work our way down.
1. Ceilings
Most people don't think too much about cleaning their ceilings, but doing so can help get rid of dust that can irritate your allergies or settle on other furniture. The easiest way to dust your ceilings is to place a microfiber cloth over the bristles of a broom (you might need to secure it with a rubber band) and sweep your ceiling. This is especially great if you have cobwebs in the corners that you can't reach. If you have higher ceilings, you might need to stand on a step stool or use a broom with a longer handle.
2. Popcorn ceilings
If you have a popcorn ceiling, the texture will make it difficult for a broom to get rid of all of the dust. Instead, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to remove the dust. You can use a feather duster to save a little time, but if you want a deeper clean, the vacuum is your best bet.
3. Ceiling fans
The quickest way to dust a ceiling fan is to wipe each blade with a cloth and consider the job done. While that does work, it also transfers all of the dust from your fan to the floor and furniture underneath. If you want to clean your fan without having to clean everything else, you'll need an old pillowcase. Cover a fan blade with the pillowcase and slide it back toward you. This will cause the dust to fall into the pillowcase instead of on the floor.
4. Walls
It's easy to ignore your walls when you're cleaning, but they can collect dust, too. The best way to rid your walls of dust is with the brush attachment on your vacuum. It might take some time, but your walls will look much better after you're finished, especially if you've painted recently (or are planning to paint soon). You can also run the vacuum hose over any wall vents to clean those while you're at it.
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5. Window blinds
Window blinds can start to look a little disgusting if you don't dust them often enough. One solution is to never close your blinds. But a better solution is to just take a few minutes and clean them. To get rid of dust on window blinds, you can use either the brush attachment on your vacuum or a soft duster. Move horizontally across each slat, starting at the top and working your way down.
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6. Light fixtures
There are two easy ways to dust light fixtures, depending on the type of light. If you have recessed can lights, you'll use a damp cloth to remove dust. If you have a standing or hanging light fixture or a chandelier, you'll want to use a lamb's-wool duster to carefully remove dust without damaging the lights.
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7. Wood furniture
Wood furniture is extremely easy to dust because you can use almost anything. It doesn't matter if you have a feather duster, a lamb's-wool duster, dust cloths or just an old t-shirt. All of these will work to remove dust from your wood furniture. But if you have a lot of dust and don't want to scatter it everywhere, dampen the cloth a little before using it.
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8. Leather furniture
When it comes to deep cleaning, leather furniture requires a little extra care. But if you just want to remove a little dust, you need nothing more than a dry cloth. If you want to go a little further, you can vacuum the crevices of the furniture, but a cloth is enough for just dusting.
9. Baseboards
A strange, but effective, way to dust your baseboards is with a clean paintbrush. Use the paintbrush to sweep your baseboards like you would with a broom to quickly get rid of the dust. This should be done before you sweep or vacuum the floor, though, as the dust you sweep off of the baseboards will gather on the floor.
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10. Dashboard
Your house isn't the only place that could use a good dusting. The dashboard of your car could likely use a little attention as well. To clean all of the dust that gathers on the dashboard, wipe it down with a clean coffee filter. The dust will cling to the filter, making it easy to wipe up.
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11. Car vents
After you've finished with the dashboard, you should probably check on the vents of your car. You definitely don't want these to get too dusty, as they'll blow that dust into the rest of the car every time you run your air conditioner or heater. To clean the dust out of these vents, use a small foam paintbrush to slide across each slat.
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12. Electronics
Cleaning the screens of your computer or television is always a little nerve-wracking, as some cloths and products can't be used on them. But if you're just wanting to get rid of a little dust on the screen, gently wipe across it with a clean dryer sheet. The dust will cling to the dryer sheet and the sheet won't scratch your screen.
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13. Knickknacks
Do you have a collection of small items that are a pain to clean because you don't want to take down each one and dust it individually? Never fear! You won't have to spend time cleaning them one by one anymore. If you have a collection of knickknacks, use a blow dryer (set on the lowest, coolest setting) to blow the dust off of them.
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14. Candles
If you have candles around the house, you probably don't think about them too much when you're cleaning, but they can gather dust, too. A quick way to clean them is to take an old pair of pantyhose, bunch it up, and rub it around the candle. This will clean your candles and give you a new use for an unused pair of pantyhose.
With these tips, you'll have all of the dust out of your house in no time. And don't forget to share this with your friends on Facebook so they can get started on their houses!
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