Hardwood floors can get filthy. Check out 10 incredible ways to clean them

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Hardwood floors are not only a beautiful addition to homes, they also add value. But, there are a few downsides to having wood floors in your home. The primary one being that they can be a bit finicky to clean, especially if you have kids or pets.
Check out a few of these handy ways to get or keep your hardwood floors in tip-top shape.
1. Repair dents with an iron
If your kid drops their heavy sports equipment onto the hardwood floor and leaves a dent, try this trick for repairing the damage.
2. Remove permanent marker from your wood floors
That permanent artwork Joe Junior drew on your hardwood floors, may not be so permanent. Try the technique below:
3. Make your own wood floor cleaner (h/t Nature's Nurture)
Be kind to your pocketbook and the environment with the recipe below.
4. Hello Magic Eraser, goodbye scuffs
Get rid of scuffs on your wood floors in a snap.
5. Use canola oil to remove scratches (h/t Restoring the Picket Fence)
Not sure how this works? No problem! The video below is here to show you the process.
6. Remove pet urine from your wood floors
Your best bet is to tackle the urine as soon as possible! While it's still wet, try the technique below.
7. Use a microfiber cloth for general cleaning
For general sweeping/cleaning, opt for a microfiber duster. The gentle material protects your floors from scratches, as shown in the video below.
8. Remove gum with ice
This trick is easier than it seems. Just check it out in the video below:
9. Use a walnut to remove scratches
If you have shelled walnuts on hand, you can get rid of scratches. Simply rub the walnut on the scratch until the scratch lightens or disappears.
10. Clean your floors with black tea
Yes, apparently you can use black tea to clean hardwood floors. Next time, before grabbing chemical-based cleaners, try the method featured in the video below instead.
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