Don't toss out that shower caddy. 6+ shower caddy hacks you need to see to believe

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You can easily find all types of shower caddies at your local dollar store in many colors and styles. From plastic ones with handles to metal ones that hang, you have many options. And you don't have to keep them in the shower.
These handy containers have many uses around your home. For a very small investment, you have the perfect organizer. Check out these 9 shower caddy hacks that will change the way you organize forever!
1. Create a movie night (h/t One Crazy House)
These creative movie theatre trays are created from colorful plastic shower caddies. They give everyone their own popcorn, soda, and treats for a fun movie experience. Take them outside or to the car for a "drive-in" movie evening. Your kids (and adults) will love them.
2. Get homework done (h/t A Bowl Full of Lemons)
No more searching for a ruler or pencil when it's homework time with this creative shower caddy organizing solution. The homework caddy contains everything your children need to quickly get your child to through their homework. Just pull it out and let your kids get to work.
3. Organize your car's fluids (h/t Lifehack)
Keep those essential car fluids exactly where you need them - in your car - with this shower caddy hack. They remain nestled securely in the caddy and no longer leak onto your car interior. Something rolling around in the trunk is a thing of the past from now on.
4. Make a picnic lunch for the car (h/t HGTV)
Don't worry about the kids making a huge mess in the back seat with this easy way to package a lunch on the go. The little cubbies are perfect for holding sandwhiches, snacks, and drinks while going down the road. You can keep a few plastic shower caddies in your car just for those unexpected fast food stops, too.
5. Organize under your sink (h/t Neat House, Sweet Home)
Cleaning supplies can quickly clutter up your storage areas. Organize under the sink with a dollar store shower caddy. You can use it to contain all the cleaning items you need to take from room to room. Just grab the handle and get to cleaning.
6. Keep hair supplies at easy reach (h/t 320 Sycamore)
Your hair supplies can be easily found with this hanging shower caddy. A Command hook holds it securely in place under your bathroom sink. If you can't find a shower caddy to fit, you can easily cut one down to size.
7. Give your produce some air (h/t Domestic Diva Domain)
Some produce holds up better if allowed to stay at room temperature. However, the question is where to store it? If placed in a bowl or basket, air will not circulate well and your veggies could go bad. Hanging a shower caddy from a Command hook provides an excellent hanging produce rack. It saves counter space and reduces food waste at the same time!
8. Control the winter accessories ( h/t Shabby Nest)
Gloves, hats, and scarves become an endless jumble when simply piled in your entanceway. This creative solution uses shower caddies to create a place for all your winter gear. Everyone can easily find their things before they head out to play in the snow.
9. Clear your kitchen counters (h/t Down to Earth Style)
The items you frequently use need to be easily found. However, having everything hidden away slows you down in the kitchen. Repurpose a suction-cup shower caddy into a creative holder for your kitchen essentials. It can be easily installed on the side of a cabinet or on your backsplash.
Start with these ideas and then let your creativity find even more ways to use shower caddies around your house. Share these with your friends and family on Facebook!
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