6 delicious chicken dishes that are under 300 calories

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If you're trying to focus on your calorie counts, add chicken as the main meat. It is a great option, especially if you choose a leaner cut. High in protein, filling, and simple in flavor, chicken works well with a lot of different spices so that you can have plenty of variety.
Check out these delicious chicken dishes that are all 300 calories or less:
1. Honey-garlic chicken (h/t Dinner at the Zoo)
You can enjoy this chicken dinner guilt-free. At just 263 calories per serving, the meal is tasty and low-cal. If you have a little extra room and you want to add a bit more substance, try adding a serving of whole grain rice or quinoa.
2. Chicken Piri-Piri (h/t Delicious Magazine)
Not only is this chicken dish under 300 calories, but it's also under 200 calories. With just 199 calories per serving, it only has 2 grams of carbs. You'll get a little bit of spice and a little bit of sweetness. Pair this chicken with your favorite greens.
3. Slow cooker buffalo chicken sliders (h/t Pop Culture)
The buffalo chicken in this recipe will melt in your mouth. You get to enjoy two sliders for 300 calories (if you are going low carb, skip the rolls and enjoy more chicken). Serve this one for dinner or at your next barbecue. It's sure to be a hit.
4. Chicken chowder (Cooking Light)
If you're looking for a warm dish that will fill your belly without expanding your waistline, this chicken chowder will do the trick. Each serving of 1 1/3 cup has just 239 calories. Pair with a piece of your favorite bread or a green salad.
5. Baked chicken with carrots, oranges and sweet potatoes (h/t Beachbody on Demand)
This dish is an entire meal for 216 calories. It's low carb but packed full of flavors. The best part of this recipe is how the fruit juice keeps the chicken moist. It only takes 10 minutes to prep and another 45 to bake.
6. Hawaiian chicken and bacon pineapple kebabs (h/t Cafe Delites)
Yum! At 270 calories per serving, this recipe is perfect for summer barbecues. The sweet and savory mix is tasty, and the healthy-sized portion is filling. If you're feeling nostalgic for summer, try baking these in the oven. You won't get the charred taste of the grill, but the flavors still work together.
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'Simple' is an understatement when describing this delicious dish.
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