9 tips to help you organize your home like a genius

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An organized home isn't necessarily a designer home. Instead, it is one that operates smoothly. With good organization, you can find what you need when you need it. It isn't about spending a fortune but about making creative storage choices.
These amazing ideas help you to organize your home without a large investment. By using the things you already have on hand, you can get started right away.
1. Store sheet sets inside the matching pillowcase (h/t HomeGoods)
Keep your linen closet nice and neat while making bed changes a breeze with this creative organization idea. Place the top sheet, bottom sheet and extra pillowcases inside a pillowcase. This keeps the set all together in your linen closet.
2. Use dollar store bins to organize your fridge (h/t The Domestic Geek Blog)
Keeping your refrigerator neatly organized doesn't require a trip to The Container Store. If you don't already have a few extra plastic bins hanging around, cheaply purchase a few at a dollar store. Organizing your fridge helps you see what you have and reduce food waste.
3. Use a shoe organizer to hold wrapping paper (h/t The Country Chic Cottage)
Gift wrap is one of those things that you always need to store somewhere but can never figure out where. A back-of-the-door shoe organizer offers a great storage solution for you wrapping paper, bows and gift-wrapping accessories.
4. Use small buckets to hold items (h/t There Was a Crooked House)
Easily hang small metal buckets from a coat rack to store all sorts of craft and art supplies. Hang them anywhere you need to easily reach the stored items. If you want to take your project on the go, just grab the bucket and off you go!
5. Recycle tin cans into beautiful storage (h/t The Spruce) Tin cans come in all sizes and usually end up in the trash or recycling bin. Reuse them by covering them with colorful scrapbook paper. Easily customize the cans to create customized office accessories that match your decor perfectly.
6. Create more closet space with shower rings (h/t Beloved Style)
Tank tops and camisoles take up a lot of room in your drawers and closet. Shower rings are the solution to convenient tank top organization. Use each ring to hold a tank to a hanger, or easily hang a dozen tanks on one hanger.
7. Use a ladder to store pots and pans (h/t Design Sponge)
Cookware takes up a lot of room within your kitchen cabinets. Use a ladder and S-hooks to hang up your pots and pans. Grab the pan you need and get to work without shuffling through your cabinets.
8. Use cardboard to create customized drawer organizers (h/t Apartment Therapy)
Design your own drawer organizers for clothing, office supplies and even kitchen utensils using stiff cardboard left over from boxes or craft projects. A sharp utility knife and exact measurements are essential to getting the perfect fit.
9. Use a tension rod under sinks (h/t Real Simple)
Use that awkward space under you kitchen and bathroom sinks to store cleaning sprays and supplies. A tension rod is easily installed and does not damage your cabinets. Simply hang your sprays over the rod.
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