9 ways to organize your home using pegboard

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Most people think of pegboard as solely a garage item. And it does come in handy out there. It's durable but easy to move and you can hang just about anything from it if you have the right accessories. But surely it can do more than just collect dust in your garage, right?
Of course! In fact, you can use pegboard in every single room of your home, depending on your hanging needs. Whether you need to store things in sight but out of the way or you just want something that looks awesome, pegboard has you (and your walls) covered. All you have to do is figure out where to put it up.
1. Craft organizer (h/t Craving Some Creativity)
Do you enjoy crafting in your spare time? This could be anything from sewing to painting to building model cars. Do you also find that you're quickly running out of room for all of your supplies? Solve this problem by hanging up a pegboard. You can hang small baskets, shelves, and rods from the board to hold all of the craft supplies that used to cover every inch of your table.
2. Tool shelf (h/t The Family Handyman)
Whether you have your own workshop or you've set up a tool bench in the garage, you're going to need a place to store all of your tools. You need to put them in a place where they won't get dirty and rusted and you also need to keep them out of reach of your kids and pets. But, you want them within easy reach while you're working. The perfect solution is pegboard. You can hang tools from the pegs or hook up shelves for storage.
3. Pegboard secretary (h/t Better Homes and Gardens via Instagram)
If you work from home or just need to keep track of everyone's schedules, then put a pegboard behind your desk. Use it to hold calendars, work, and practice schedules, to-do lists, etc. Now everything you need is within arm's reach and easy to see without digging through a pile of papers.
4. Kitchen decor (h/t Refinery 29)
You can drive yourself crazy trying to make all of your cutlery and pans fit in your kitchen drawers or cabinets, but that seems like a lot of unnecessary fuss. Instead, paint a pegboard to complement your kitchen's color scheme, hang up the board and use it to hold items that don't fit anywhere else in the kitchen. Or, choose your nicest set of knives and shiniest pans to put on display.
5. Headboard (h/t Sugar & Cloth)
Bring a little extra color and convenience to your bedroom with a pegboard in place of a headboard. You can hang baskets on it to hold your glasses, book, charger or anything else you need close at hand when you wake up. You can also spice it up with any paint colors, photos or decorations that fit your personality.
6. Jewelry holder (h/t All Things Thrifty)
As you accumulate more jewelry, it becomes more difficult to store it properly. Next thing you know, half of your earrings have gone missing and all of your necklace chains are a tangled mess in your jewelry box. A more practical and stylish way to store your jewelry is to use pegboard to display your accessories. You'll be able to keep everything together in its place and your collection will look way more impressive hanging on the wall than it did crumpled up in a box or on top of your dresser.
7. Cleaning product storage (h/t The Posh Space)
Finding a place to store your mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies can be a hassle, especially if you have limited closet space. You usually end up just shoving everything into a spot and hoping it won't all fall out when you open the door. A quick fix for this issue is to attach a pegboard to the inside of a closet door. You'll be able to hang various supplies from the board so they're easy to grab without creating any clutter.
8. Backsplash (h/t DIY Network)
Out of all of the tips here, this might be the most practical. By creating a kitchen backsplash out of pegboard, you're saving money on expensive tiles and providing yourself with built-in storage. Instead of installing more shelves in your kitchen, you can hang various utensils, mugs and other items from rods in the pegboard.
9. Inspiration board (h/t Studio DIY)
If you're more into abstract concepts than practical projects, then this fun inspiration board is right up your alley. Paint your pegboard a bright color and cover it with items and pictures that inspire, motivate and bring joy to your life.
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