Wire baskets are going viral and here are 7 ways to use them in your home to organize

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Wire baskets fit almost any home decor scheme. They can be vintage, traditional, or modern based on their design and material. From shiny brass to a rustic galvanized, wire baskets create design texture while being functional. Whether you find your wire baskets at a vintage market or in a dollar store, you will find they are extremely versatile in your home.
These ideas for wire baskets solve problems in your home by becoming organizing solutions. However, they go beyond just sitting on a table. The strength and design of a wire basket makes it ideal for using in many creative ways.
1. Hold cozy throws (h/t Poor Little It Girl)
All those warm and cozy throws that you love in your living room can be hard to live with once they keep sliding off your furniture. Keep them well contained by rolling and placing in a large, stylish wire basket. This keeps them on display and handy for those Netflix and chill evenings.
2. Organize the mail (h/t A House Full of Sunshine)
Organizing experts will tell you the number one problem seen in disorganized homes is paper clutter. Keep your paper well organized by creating a wire basket mail organization station. All you need are a few dollar store wire baskets, some spray paint, and cute labels. Hang them in your office, over a desk, in the entrance way, or wherever you sort through your mail.
3. Celebrate the season (h/t Liz Marie Blog)
The beauty of a wire basket is that it doesn't hide the contents. Use it to showcase a collection and turn it into a focal point. You can quickly and easily create a stunning centerpiece by simply adding items to a wire basket. The same basket can be used year round by simply switching the seasonal décor.
4. Grow something green (h/t Thrifty and Chic)
Living plants do more than simply add a touch of green, they actually help provide cleaner air. You don't need to worry about planters taking up your surfaces with this creative use of hanging wire baskets. Simply slip your plants into them for a new piece of living art.
5. Keep produce fresh (h/t Buzzfeed)
Potatoes, onions, and other produce often store best at room temperature and with plenty of air circulation. Wire baskets allow air to circulate around produce while allowing you to see what you have. These wire baskets were initially intended for holding magazines, but they create a streamlined way to organize your produce in your kitchen pantry.
6. Display small makeup items (h/t The Zoe Report)
Small wire baskets are perfect for holding the items you use regularly. The open grid-work allows you to see exactly what you have. This basket holds eyeshadow palettes for quick and easy inspiration.  A beautiful rose gold finish gives the basket a modern glamour look.
7. Keep your linens organized (h/t Simply Organized)
Linens slip and slide all over your linen closet shelves. They never stay as tidy as you would like. Use a wire basket collection to create beautiful linen storage. With separate baskets for different items, you keep everything easy to find. The wire baskets help you to get the most out of your space.
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