8 salads that are just as equally delicious as they are healthy

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A lot of people think that eating a salad has to be boring. But, that couldn't be farther from the truth. You can eat a healthy salad and still get a lot of interesting flavors. Whether you're trying to lose weight, or just add some healthier meal options to the menu, these recipes can help.
Check out these eight healthy (and delicious) salad recipes so you can enjoy a guilt-free lunch that satisfies your tummy and your cravings.
1. Strawberry, cucumber, and spinach salad with vinaigrette (h/t Yay for Food)
You won't walk away hungry from this salad! The strawberries add a bit of sweetness that works well with the cucumber in this meal. Add a little feta cheese, some nuts, and some home-made vinaigrette, and this delish dish is ready to go. One half of the salad is 292 calories.
2. Sriracha lime chicken chopped salad (h/t Lexi's Clean Kitchen)
At just over 370 calories per serving, this salad is hearty, filling and diet-friendly. You'll also get 38 grams of protein. The grilled pineapple adds a woody sweetness that makes the whole dish even better.
3. Pear, pomegranate, and spinach salad (h/t Cooking Classy)
Healthy greens? Check. Heart-healthy nuts? Check. Tasty fruit and cheese? Double check. This salad packs quite the punch, and it makes enough to serve six. Try pairing this with grilled chicken to round out your dinner.
4. Fattoush salad (h/t Noming thru Life)
This traditionally bread-heavy salad is a little lighter with lightly-toasted pitas instead of fried bread. The unique flavors (grapeseed oil, int, Persian cucumbers and radish) make this salad a great option for changing up your meal rotation.
5. Potato salad with green beans and asparagus (h/t Green Valley Kitchen)
This dish isn't your traditional potato salad. Free from heavy dressings, it's a lighter option that works well as a side or a meal. Dijon mustard, garlic, and vinegar create a lighter dressing that tastes great with less fat and sugar. The salad serves four, and each serving has 286 calories.
6. Almond, berry, and chicken spinach salad (h/t Chelsea's Messy Apron)
Not only is this salad eye-poppingly beautiful, but it's also delicious. Protein, healthy fats and healthy carbs abound. The light dressing does a great job of adding flavor without overpowering the dish, and the feta cheese adds a tangy bite. This recipe serves two.
7. Apple brie salad (h/t Lemon Tree Dwelling)
If you're low on time, you don't have to settle for a bland salad. This quick meal only takes 10 minutes to prepare. It's a little on the sweeter side, but the pecans and cheese add some savory flavors, so it's not too sweet. If you want to amp up the protein, some shredded chicken will work well.
8. Chickpea, avocado and feta salad (h/t Home Grown and Healthy)
Quick, cheap, healthy and delicious. This mixture is perfect for salad newbies or veterans who want something that's easy to toss together. Just combine everything in a bowl, stir and eat. The recipe serves four, at 290 calories per serving.
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