Save those little bags that you get when you buy new shoes. You can totally use them around the house

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Shoes, purses, jackets, and even beef jerky packets contain little white packets of silica gel. This non-toxic substance pulls in moisture to keep things fresh. You shouldn't eat it because it is a choking hazard, but it is completely harmless to use for a wide variety of household problems.
To recharge your silica, just place in the microwave for a few minutes. This dries the beads out and keeps them working without fail.
1. Keep salt from clumping (h/t Buzzfeed)
Moisture causes salt to clump, especially in an open environment like a salt shaker. Because silica is non-toxic, you can add the sealed bag to your salt shaker to prevent clumping. The silica absorbs moisture and keeps your salt shaking freely.
2. Place in gym bag to keep moisture down (h/t Practically Functional)
Is your gym bag a little funky? Moisture combines with bacteria to create odors. Empty all those little bags of desiccant into a larger bag and stash inside your gym bag to absorb moisture. Sweaty clothes, shoes, and gear will stay fresher longer with these little miracle beads.
3. Reduce condensation in windows (h/t Homestead & Survival)
During winter months, condensation can build on the inside of windows from the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures combined with moisture levels. Sticking a few silica desiccant packs in each window can help reduce the moisture and condensation.
4. Keep your spices fresh (h/t The Kitchn)
Placing a few packets of silica in your spice drawer will keep your spices fresher longer. Moisture can degrade the flavor of dried spices. All it takes is a few packets to ensure your herbs and spices are stored correctly, taste great, and have zero clumps.
5. Reduce old paper smells (h/t Home and Gardening Ideas)
Old books, newspapers, and documents can come with a distinctive "old book" smell. Place them in a sealable plastic bag with a few silica packs can help to reduce the smell. For long term storage of documents, the silica will help protect old papers from moisture.
6. Remove moisture from electronics (h/t Darian Cabot)
Dropped your phone? Spilled something on it? The key to saving it is to quickly remove moisture. Place in a sealed plastic bag with silica desiccant and the silica will help wick away the moisture inside your phone. This works for cameras and lenses as well.
7. Place in storage containers (h/t Make Life Lovely)
Reduce moisture and keep your belongings safe in the attic, basement, or storage area with silica packets. They can help protect clothing, papers, memorabilia, collectables and even photos. Simply add a few to each storage tote as you fill it.
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