Grab some bananas. You'll be well on your way to serving up these classic Southern banana desserts

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If you just can't get enough bananas maybe you should try whipping up some of these delicious Southern banana desserts. Some of them you could even eat for breakfast. Dessert for breakfast? Sign me up!
Check out these 5 videos and then grab some bananas and start cooking. Your family will be so happy that you did.
Southern banana pudding
There are many different ways to make Southern banana pudding. In this video, boxed vanilla pudding is used to speed the process up a little bit, but you can certainly make your own if you're so inclined. You can also either keep it traditional and use meringues or, if you'd rather, top it with lots of whipped cream.
Southern banana bread
Banana bread is perfect as a dessert, snack, or you can even enjoy as breakfast in the morning. Banana bread is also a great place to get creative. You can add nuts or leave them out, include chocolate chips, or switch it up and add white chocolate chips.
Southern banana cobbler
When a banana craving strikes, whip up the recipe below for Southern banana cobbler. Just a handful of baking ingredients you likely already have in your pantry and some fresh bananas sliced and scattered on top. Watch this video to see how it's done.
Southern banana cream pie
Banana cream pie is a classic in the South, and in diners all over the country. And it's no wonder why. Cream and velvety banana custard poured over a crust and then topped with delicious whipped cream- what's not to love about it?
Southern banana cheesecake bars
Cheesecake bars are just so much easier to make than one large cheesecake. You don't have a springform pan to mess around with, you don't have to worry as much about them cracking, and they're just more forgiving in general.
No bake banana split
On a hot summer day, when the wind is still and the temperature steadily rises, is there anything better to snack on than a banana split? Well, how about a banana split cake that requires no baking whatsoever? Sound enticing? It may be a tad more labor intensive than your everyday banana split, but the outcome sure looks promising.
Bananas foster
If you've ever taken a cruise or been in a restaurant where a flaming dessert was being served, you may have wondered how you could make something like that at home. Now you can with the bananas foster recipe below!​
Banana bread
It's ready after four hours on low in the slow cooker and doesn't heat up the kitchen while cooking. You can add walnuts to the banana bread for a little extra crunch, but substitute pecans, almonds or go nut-free if you wish.​
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