6 vegetarian burgers that are so good you'll make them again and again

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For some people, the idea of eating a veggie burger is scary or even unappealing, but that's likely because they've never tried a veggie burger or never had a good one. These recipes may just change their mind. Whether someone is trying to eat healthier or just wants to try something new, these burgers are a hit.
Try one of these tasty veggie burgers for your next get-together. It's good for the body (and the pocketbook).
Black bean hemp burger (h/t SweetPotatoSoul)
Crammed full of healthy ingredients such as black beans, peppers, nuts and seeds, this tasty burger is filling and good for your body. The secret to this recipe is oatmeal, which helps bind together all the ingredients for a sturdy burger.
Smoky black bean beet burgers (h/t Minimalist Baker)
These burgers take a little longer than a traditional beef patty, but the finished product is thick, hearty and flavorful. Each patty only has 125 calories, so it's a great way to fill your belly with fewer calories, too. The recipe makes nine patties.
Double bean burger with avocado basil cream (h/t How Sweet Eats)
If you're looking for a burger that feels a little gourmet but doesn't take a gourmet amount of time to prepare, this dish is a home run. The avocado cream sauce adds a healthy fat element that brings in moisture and extra flavor.
Sweet potato veggie burger (h/t Healthy Happy Life)
Although this recipe does contain beans, sweet potato is the real star of the dish. Add in tahini, garlic powder, chopped greens and nutritional yeast, and you have a flavor-packed meal that's a delicious twist on a traditional veggie burger.
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