9 brilliant hacks for storing and organizing your clothes

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Ever look in your closet and realize that it is full but you simply don't have anything to wear? The key to loving your clothes and leaving the house looking fabulous is organizing your clothes so that you can easily find what you want.
These 9 clothes hacks will help you organize your closet and keep it tidy with ease. You won't need to go out and spend a fortune on fancy organizing solutions with these organization ideas. These ideas use inexpensive items in creative ways.
1. Make an underwear dispenser (h/t Blossom)
Keep your panties nice and neatly contained by recycling an old baby wipes container. When you fold the panties just right they will pop up just like wipes. You can stash this container in a drawer, on a shelf, or right out in the open.
2. Use PVC to create a unique panty organizer (h/t Infarrantly Creative)
PVC can be cut to length, sanded, and spray painted to create an interesting drawer organizer for your underwear. Epoxy glue holds the pieces together. Each tube can hold multiple pairs of underwear.
3. Hang your bras to keep them neat (h/t Artsy Architette)
Bras can be expensive. Keeping the cups from being crushed is the number one way to keep your bras looking their best. Make use of your vertical space by creating a handy bra hanger out of wooden hangers and cup hooks.
4. Keep socks together (h/t Blog Sihatimerahjambu)
Socks without mates are a nightmare. Digging through tons of socks to find a matching pair is frustrating and a waste of time. Keep your socks together without stretching them out using this simple folding technique.
5. Fold t-shirts so that you can see them (h/t Andrea Dekker)
Stacking t-shirts in a drawer means you have to dig through them to find the one you want, leaving a mess behind. Fold your tees and place in the drawer so that you can find exactly the t-shirt you need easily. You can easily slide new tees into place.
6. Save pop tabs and save space (h/t The Shabby Creek Cottage)
Soda pop tabs slip easily over a hanger and allow you to hang an extra hanger. This clothes hack is perfect for hanging outfits together. The added bonus is that you are able to fit twice as many clothes in your closet!
7. Hang jeans from s-hooks (h/t Simply Spaced)
Hanging jeans from s-hooks is a unique alternative to folding over a hanger or tucking into a drawer. Simply slide the middle back loop over the hook. The jeans stay wrinkle-free and easy to find.
8. Make a scarf hanger using shower curtain rings (h/t Hip2Save)
Hang up your scarves where you can easily find the perfect one to accessorize your outfit. You don't need to purchase an expensive scarf organizer. A plastic hanger and shower curtain rings combine to create the perfect hanging scarf organizer.
9. Put your shoes on display (h/t Brabourne Farm)
Don't hide your shoes and purses in the bottom of a closet. A bookshelf puts them on display. You can tuck one into a walkout closet or place it in a key focal point in your bedroom. The décor will be one you love.
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