Hot glue your kid's old toys to the bottom of a basket for this clever house hack

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Have you ever felt a bit of defeat after gathering up all the extra toys that collect in the bottom of a toy box? It just seems so wasteful. What if you could find a way to repurpose these unloved toys into useful items for your home?
These 7 genius hacks reuse the items just hanging out and taking up space. From toys to your recyclables, you'll find that the value of something isn't always in what it is right now - but in what it can become.
1. Glue toy cars to the bottom of your laundry hamper (h/t WhatsUpMoms)
A little hot glue and four toy cars is all it takes to give your laundry hamper a set of wheels. Try to find four cars of the same size and height. Securing them to the outside corners creates the most stable ride. Now everyone can help get the laundry rounded up with your new rolling laundry hamper.
2. Frame a mirror with toy cars (h/t Refurbished Ideas)
This upcycled mirror uses toy cars and a bright gold spray paint to create a unique piece. Perfect for an older child's bedroom, the garage, or a man cave, the look is whimsical and classy. Don't have a stash of toy cars? Local thrift shops usually feature bags of toy vehicles for just a few dollars.
3. Save their favorite toys for the Christmas tree (h/t Instructables)
Keep the memories of your children's favorite toys for years with this adorable toy hack. Transform small favorites into Christmas ornaments. All you need is a bit of ribbon, yarn, or lace and some hot glue.
4. Plant some greenery in a dinosaur (h/t Apartment Therapy)
Ever notice that many large plastic toys are hollow? You can reuse these toys as creative dinosaur planters around your home and garden. A shot of golden spray paint takes the style from toy to chic.
5. Transform a slinky into a bird feeder (h/t Birds and Blooms)
A metal slinky gives the perfect foundation to a unique bird and squirrel feeder. When placed around a circular wire form, it creates a springy holder for peanuts. Don't rush out and spend the money on a fancy feeder from the garden store. If you have a wire hanger and an old slinky, you have everything you need to craft your own.
6. Use old maps and comic books to create unique furnishings (h/t Country Living)
The colorful pages of old maps and comic books create a unique look on simple wooden chairs, coffee tables, and other simple wooden furnishings in your home. Use Mod Podge to create a smooth and durable finish to your project.
7. Turn old book spines into new bookmarks (h/t Totally Green Crafts)
Well loved books can sometimes fall apart over the years. Whether it's a classic or your child's favorite book from childhood, it can be hard to let go. Repurpose the spine of an old book into a bookmark for new reading adventures.
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