Bring crappy wood furniture back to life with this common household item

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Olive oil is one of the hottest cooking and beauty trends out there. The health benefits of this ancient oil are numerous, but did you know that you can use it to solve many household problems?
These 6 household uses for olive oil are perfect for using those cheap dollar store bottles of olive oil. You'll be amazed at how effective it is throughout your entire home.
1. Restore damaged furniture (h/t Lifehacker)
Furniture polish doesn't begin to help badly damaged and scratched wood furniture. This secret solution is definitely worth a try to restore beautiful pieces to like-new condition. Mix equal parts of olive oil and vinegar. Rub gently into the wood using soft cloth. As the olive oil seeps into the wood the scratches will disappear.
2. Make our own furniture wax (h/t The Boondocks Blog)
Wax furniture polish can be used to protect antique pieces or give chalk paint pieces a finished look. However, it can be very expensive. You can create your own natural furniture wax using just beeswax and olive oil. Simply melt together 1 part beeswax to 2 parts olive oil. After it cools and solidifies, you simply rub it onto the furniture using a soft rag.
3. Dust with a natural dusting spray (h/t Root and Revel)
Commercial dusting sprays fill your home with chemicals and can cause a damaging buildup on your wood surfaces. It's simple to mix your own natural dusting spray. All you need is vinegar, olive oil, castile soap, and your favorite essential oil.
4. Remove stickers with ease (h/t Apartment Therapy)
Stickers can do their job a little to well at times. To easily remove a sticker from glass, plastic, or other hard surface, all you need is a bit of olive oil. Rub the oil over the sticker and allow to rest for a few minutes. Then use your fingernail to gently scrape the sticker and its residue away.
5. Get a streak-free stainless shine (h/t The Kitchn)
Stainless appliances are beautiful, but they can be a nightmare to keep looking bright and shiny. Smudges are attracted to stainless. You can reduce streaks and smudges by polishing your stainless with a dab of olive oil after cleaning. Any marks will simply vanish.
6. Stop a squeaky door (h/t Bright Nest)
A squeaky hinge can be quite the bother. You can quickly quiet the squeak by grabbing a bottle of olive oil and a cotton swab. Dab the olive oil onto the affected hinge while moving the door. The olive oil lubricates the hinge to stop the pesky noise.
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