If you're not lining your ironing board with tin foil you should and here's the clever reason why

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Does tin foil have a purpose other than storing leftovers in the fridge? Of course! Just about everything in your kitchen can do more than just one thing. And in the case of tin foil, you have multiple other options for how to use it.
Tin foil can do just about everything from cleaning to storage to sprucing up an old-looking piece of furniture. So grab a roll of tin foil and get ready to make your life easier, because we have several tips for how to get your money's worth out of it.
1. Iron clothes faster (h/t Dr. Oz)
Next time you need to iron your best shirt but don't have a lot of time, grab your roll of tin foil from the kitchen. Cover your ironing board with a layer of tin foil (shiny side up) and put the ironing board pad on top of it. Now you only have to iron one side of your clothing and you'll finish in about 1/4 of the time.
2. Keep your oven clean (h/t Aunt Peaches)
One of the most common causes of a dirty oven is food and juices that drip between the slats of your oven rack during the baking process. If you're tired of cleaning your oven after every use, then start putting a piece of tin foil under the bottom oven rack. Any drips will land on the tin foil, so you can just remove it and throw it away instead of cleaning your whole oven.
3. Clean tarnished silver (h/t Rachel Teodoro)
You can add a touch of class to any party with silver dishes. Unless your silver is tarnished, in which case it tends to look a little tacky. To fix this problem, line your sink with tin foil (shiny side up) and cover it with 6 tablespoons each of salt and baking soda. Pour 3 cups of vinegar over it and let it bubble. Add in 6 cups of boiling water and then place your silver onto the tin foil. Use the tin foil to rub the tarnish off of the silver and then let it soak for an additional few minutes before removing a dish that now looks brand new.
4. Keep celery fresh (h/t Just a Little Nutty)
If you use celery for various recipes (or just like to snack on it) but always buy more than you can use at the moment, you don't have to throw the extra away. To keep celery fresh and crunchy for a few weeks past its usual expiration date, tightly wrap the leftover celery in tinfoil and put it in the refrigerator.
5. Get rid of dryer static (h/t The Creek Line House)
Most of us run through a box of dryer sheets pretty quickly. While they're not expensive, it does become a hassle to constantly buy more. Next time you need to throw a load of clothes in the dryer, toss in a balled-up piece of tin foil. It will help smooth out wrinkles and remove static, just like a dryer sheet, except you can use it for multiple loads.
6. Protect doorknobs (h/t Life Hacker)
Getting ready to start a big painting project? Before you get started, you need to make sure that paint isn't going to end up in places it doesn't belong. For doorknobs, cabinet handles and other protruding fixtures, forget the painter's tape. Instead, cover them in tin foil to protect them from paint drips.
7. Spruce up a dresser (h/t Sugar Bee Crafts)
Most dressers have pretty much the same look, so you might want to give yours a little extra pizzazz. To do this, start by loosely crumpling up a few sheets of tin foil. Flatten them back out and glue them to the front of your dresser before carefully cutting off the excess. For extra protection, paint over the foil with Mod Podge and then take a step back to enjoy your new creation.
8. Improve WiFi reception (h/t WikiHow)
No one wants to deal with poor WiFi reception, especially if your job requires you to keep a strong internet connection for a long period of time. One of the easiest ways to improve your WiFi reception is to use tin foil. Cut a piece about the size of a piece of regular printer paper and curve it slightly. Place the curved foil behind your router and let the signals reflect off of it, speeding up your connection.
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