7 healthy recipes that are full of beef and full of goodness

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Beef is such a versatile meat. It can be sweet, savory, or even a combination of both! Sometimes, beef gets a bad wrap for being too fatty, but if you select lean beef and are mindful of other ingredients, then it is completely possible to cook up a delicious, yet healthy meal.
Stumped on where to start? We've found a few of the top beef recipes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds without compromising your waist band!. Check out a few of our all-time favorite healthy beef meals.
1. Greek Burgers (h/t Savory Tooth)
You will never settle for a regular burger ever again! Add in a bit of spinach, feta, and sun-dried tomatoes and you have a colorful and delicious meal.
2. Healthy beef and broccoli (h/t One Lovely Life)
This simple, yet incredibly tasty dish might remind you of your favorite take out, but it's totally healthy! Not only is it gluten-free and Paleo-friendly, it takes less than 30 minutes to make.
3. Beef cabbage stir fry (h/t Budget Bytes)
This recipe is simple and cost-effective. You can make this meal for less than $2 per serving. It tastes great if you follow the recipe, but you'll love how easy it is to customize it to fit your preferences.
4. Slow cooker beef gyros (h/t Six Sisters' Stuff)
This recipe doesn't require a ton of time or ingredients, but your taste buds will definitely be satisfied. This is the ideal dinner if you want something a bit lighter.
5. Beef stuffed zucchini boats (h/t Gimme Delicious Food)
Hearty meat sauce really brings out the flavor in this healthy dinner. All you need is a fresh zucchini and a delicious meat sauce to bring this dish to your table.
6. Southwest beef and quinoa stuffed peppers (h/t Platings and Pairings)
This particular dish is packed full of essential protein and second-to-none flavor. Because of its simplicity, you can easily whip this up as a weekday meal.
7. Beef pho (h/t The Kitchn)
Savory broth and perfectly cooked noodles come together to make one of the finest dishes possible. If you want the perfect pho, this is the recipe for you.
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