Obsessed with chicken and being healthy? Here are 7 recipes you need to see

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Calling all chicken lovers! If you love chicken and are searching for a few healthy ways to spruce it up a little, then we've got just the recipes for you. Chicken is a go-to option for many health-conscious folks, but know that even the healthiest recipes can be finger-licking good.
We've found some of the most delicious chicken recipes out there. While they may taste too good to be true, they are all pack full of great flavor and valuable nutrition. You'll definitely want to add these to your weekday favorites.
1. Healthy baked chicken parmesan (h/t Organize Yourself Skinny)
This sinfully delicious dish may make you think you are indulging in bad habits, but it's actually healthy! You'll love the tender chicken combined with the perfectly melted cheese.
2. One-skillet balsamic chicken and vegetables (h/t Averie Cooks)
This recipe only requires 15 minutes of your time and an empty stomach! The tender chicken and fresh veggies make this a go-to option if you are health-conscious.
3. Avocado caprese skillet chicken (h/t Cooking Classy)
Looking to impress your dinner guests? This will do it! It's not only a totally healthy meal, but it looks just as good as it tastes.
4. Asparagus stuffed chicken (h/t I Wash You Dry)
This flavor-infused meal not only comes together quickly, but it's also healthy! Plus, you can cook it in tinfoil to make cleaning up a breeze.
5. BBQ chicken and roasted sweet potato bowls (h/t The Creative Bite)
Get your forks ready for this one! You'll love the bold flavors of this hearty dinner. It's a sheet pan recipe so that means another easy cleanup, too.
6. Blackened chicken tacos with pineapple salsa (h/t Jessica Gavin)
A little sweet and a little tangy, this recipe is definitely one you want to try. It's hard to believe this healthy chicken is actually good for you, too.
7. Honey sriracha chicken (h/t Rasamalaysia)
You'll love the many ways you can cook this meal. It's easy to grill, bake, or cook in a skillet. The scrumptious flavor will have you coming back for seconds!
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