Forget buying expensive cleaners. Here are 5+ natural ways to clean your toilet

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If you are having issues with dirty toilets, try the hydrogen peroxide toilet cleaner above first. If you don't have hydrogen peroxide at home, need not worry. Check out the following natural alternatives instead.
WD-40 toilet bowl cleaner
What's your first thought when you hear about WD-40? Squeaky brakes? Rusty tools? A front door that doesn't open as easily as it used to? WD-40 can be used for all of these things, but it can also be used in the following way:
Borax-based toilet cleaner
Borax. A seemingly innocuous ingredient you sometimes see on recipes for homemade bubbles. It may seem like just another boring ingredient, but this combination used in the video below packs a powerful punch and can be used in a ton of ways around the house, including the toilet.
Hard water stain toilet bowl cleaner
Hard water stains are the worst. Need not worry, the following video gives you a natural way to clean those.
Coke toilet bowl cleaner
Coke isn't just a drink. Believe it or not, you can use this to clean your toilet! Check it out in the video below
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