7 delectable dishes you can make with peppers that will have your family begging for more

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Stuffed, stir-fried, chargrilled or melted into a pasta sauce; bell peppers are delicious things to have around.
Naturally sweet - particularly when cooked slowly in olive oil - peppers can transform their flavor, depending on the cooking method. Chargrilling brings out their smoky depths, while raw pepper sticks make the perfect no-fuss accompaniment to dips. Pick your favorite bell pepper recipe and make it your own!
1. Persian stuffed bell peppers (h/t Ahu Eats)
Left whole, bell peppers make the cutest and tastiest 'bowls' to serve up a delicious filling. Here, beef and rice are flavored with both spices and fresh herbs for an exotic and rich-tasting dish.
2. Grilled pepper and red onion pizzas (h/t Martha Stewart)
A light, colourful alternative to 'loaded' pizzas, this recipe is perfect for your next movie night! Goat's cheese and chargrilled peppers work brilliantly, bringing out the very best in each other for a really yummy result!
3. Roasted red peppers and tomato pasta sauce (h/t Lauren Caris Cooks)
This is a beautifully simple recipe, that you'll use again and again. Roasting the tomatoes and peppers draws out their natural sweetness, for a slightly smoky sauce that perfectly coats each piece of pasta.
4. One pot spicy vegetable rice (h/t A Virtual Vegan)
This recipe is definitely worth adding to your weekly rotation. One pot, 30 minutes and you've got a hearty pot of turmeric-golden rice, enough vegetables to keep things wholesome, and a happy family waiting to dig in!
5. Spicy red pepper and feta dip (h/t The Lean Green Bean)
The simple genius of this dip recipe is well worth mastering. Roast the pepper and garlic into sweet and smoky submission, then mix with yoghurt and feta cheese for a truly tempting dip!
6. Red beans and rice with chorizo and bell pepper sauce (h/t From A Chef's Kitchen)
Beans, chorizo and rice is a deliciously hearty and big-flavored combination, and is perfectly complimented here by sautéed peppers of all different colors, for a bright and bold feast!
7. Grilled Hawaiian kabobs (h/t My Gluten Free Kitchen)
Want to get the kids to eat more vegetables? Serve them up on skewers! Peppers, onions and turkey are dressed with a sweet and exotic pineapple marinade for a delicious feast that even your most vegetable-dodging kid won't be able to resist!
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