Serve up a rainbow full of flavor at your next party with these 7 colorful vegetarian appetizers

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No matter how old you get, it never stops being fun to eat colorful food! However, you don't have to eat artificially colored foods like fruit roll-ups and gummy candies.
Plenty of gorgeous colors can be found in natural foods as well, and they're way better for you. Eating the rainbow is easy with these tasty appetizer recipes!
1. Mini cheese balls with spices (h/t Gourmandelle)
Instead of making one big cheese ball that's going to get destroyed as soon as a couple people cut into it, why not make these mini cheese balls with spices? They're way prettier!
2. Green goddess veggie dip cups (h/t The View From Great Island)
Skip the veggie tray and make these veggie dip cups instead! They're completely portable, meaning people can enjoy them while they mingle instead of clustering around the food table.
3. Mediterranean feta and tomato dip recipe (h/t Cookie and Kate)
This Mediterranean dip recipe is so easy to make, and it's the perfect appetizer for summer parties! Any leftovers make a delicious topping for scrambled eggs the next morning.
4. Easy cucumber appetizer (h/t Blessed Beyond Crazy)
These cute little cucumber appetizers are healthy and tasty, and they're easy to whip up at the last minute! You could easily make the recipe vegan simply by using vegan cream cheese instead of the dairy kind.
5. Colorful veggie pinwheels (h/t Dinner At The Zoo)
These colorful veggie pinwheels are fun for all ages! These ones have spinach, bell peppers, and purple cabbage in them, but you can use whatever veggies you like.
6. Veggie crescent bites (h/t Mom On Timeout)
These veggie crescent bites sort of remind me of pizza, but they're definitely healthier for you! Even kids will gobble these up.
7. Rainbow vegetable spring rolls (h/t Chef Savvy)
If you're in the mood for Asian flavors, these rainbow spring rolls are a great option! Serve them with a homemade sweet and spicy for an extra burst of flavor.
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