8 genius ways to organize your pantry

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A pantry is one of the best forms of storage a house can have. Unfortunately, if you don't utilize the space properly, then you're going to end up with a giant mess and never be able to find anything.
Instead of just shoving random items into your pantry, learn to organize it. When everything in your pantry has a specific spot, it's easier to find and putting away groceries won't take as long. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to organizing!
1. Separate items by zone (h/t Better Homes & Gardens)
One way to keep everything organized in your pantry is to separate them into zones. Your zones depend on what you store in your pantry, but some zones could include items for baking, snacks, canned goods, etc. This will make it easier to find what you need and will cut down on prep time when you're cooking.
2. Labels (h/t The Home Edit)
Even if you keep everything in a certain place in your pantry, it can still be difficult to find what you need, especially if someone else is looking for a certain item. Help everyone else in your household navigate the items in the pantry by putting labels on everything. If you can store things in clear containers, that helps as well, but even just sticking a label on the container is enough to let everyone know what's in there.
3. Organize lids (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady)
Instead of shoving all your lids into a drawer or stacking them in a cupboard, store them in your pantry. But don't just put them on a shelf to take up space. Stick adhesive hooks to one of the walls or the inside of the door and use these to hold your lids. Now you have more room for other items and you won't have to search for the right lid every time.
4. Rolling cart (h/t Homey Oh My)
If you have a small pantry, then you could benefit from keeping a rolling cart in the pantry. Use it to store items that you use more often. When you need them, just roll the cart into the kitchen, use what you need and then roll it back into the pantry.
5. Sink caddies (h/t Make Bake Celebrate)
You know those small items that you stick in the pantry and then never see again? Why not store them in a spot where they're easier to keep track of? Use Velcro strips to attach small sink caddies to the wall or door in your pantry and then load up the caddies with these easy-to-lose items.
6. Pop-in drawers (IKEA Hackers)
If you have cabinets in your pantry, then adding drawers to them will create more storage space. Buy (or build) a few pop-in drawers that you can easily stick in the cabinets. Fill them up with whatever items you want and whenever you need them, just slide the drawer out.
7. Under-the-shelf storage (h/t I Heart Organizing)
Don't let the space under your shelves go to waste. Items you don't use very often can be kept under the shelves where they won't get in the way. You can also attach wheels to a crate and use that for under-the-shelf storage. It will be easy to roll in and out and can hold whatever you need it to, depending on the size of crate you choose.
8. Lazy Susans (h/t The Whoot)
If you have corner cabinets, then you know how much space can be lost in the corners. Fix this problem by installing Lazy Susans in the corner of every shelf. These will provide you with a little extra space while also making it easier to find items that would normally get shoved behind other things.
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